Energy efficient home (OSBB)

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Turnkey energy efficient construction

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings today is considered one of the most important tasks for preserving the environment. The constantly increasing prices for electricity, gas and fuel have made the need to reduce energy consumption very urgent, forcing them to intensively address the issue of energy saving in buildings.  

SVYATOBUD company will help you to reduce the cost of electricity supply, heating / cooling, hot water supply and ventilation by using the principles and technologies of energy efficient construction, the so-called. zero-energy, which will be discussed below:

  1. Installation of systems and individual recuperation modules that allow supplying the supply air with extract energy by heating or cooling it. And also to maintain optimal humidity in the room, create comfortable conditions, and protect the people in it from excess CO2, which negatively affects health and performance.
  2. Design, drilling and installation of heat pumps - probes for the extraction of thermal energy from the earth at depths of 50 m, with a constant temperature of + 7 * C for heating in winter or cooling in summer.
  3. Installation of standby, autonomous or networked solar power plants (panels) is an excellent method to make your home more independent, to protect yourself from emergency outages, to generate electricity away from the laid power lines.
  4. Installation of solar collectors (water heaters) that use solar energy very efficiently to heat the coolant of heating and hot water supply systems, which pay off in just 2 years.
  5. Installation of rotary and screw wind generators in private houses or on the territory of enterprises allows you to get an inexpensive, autonomous power supply with a capacity of 1 to 15 kW / h.

Finishing work

  • Performs any finishing work in the complex according to the design or technical specifications of the customer:
  • Installation of suspended ceiling systems, plasterboard structures, painting works.
  • Installation of floors with lining with laminate, ceramic tiles, commercial PVC coating or reinforcement of the top layer of concrete, including in the system of electric or water underfloor heating.
  • Dismantling and installation of all types of partitions and structures.
  • Plumbing, electrical work, installation of autonomous ventilation, recuperation, heating, water and power supply systems.