Communications design

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Communications design

The basis of any building is high-quality engineering systems that provide a convenient and comfortable existence for the inhabitants of the house. Engineering networks installed in a multi-storey building or an individual cottage are a kind of 'circulatory system' of a building that supplies heat and electricity to individual 'organs' of the building, as well as gas, water supply, and much more - namely those necessary resources, without which is impossible to imagine a modern dwelling. The living conditions of the building, the level of comfort and coziness largely depend on the functioning of all external and internal systems.

Engineering network design

allows you to plan and select the necessary parameters of communications before the start of the construction process, which will allow future construction to be carried out efficiently and without possible complications.

Design of communication networks

this is a stage, without which, for many reasons, it is impossible to do in the design of an object.

At the initial stage of development, issues are resolved about all the circumstances and expected conditions that will affect the installation and operation of communications, about how and where it is better to place this or that system, the timing of future installation work becomes clear, an estimate is made to calculate the cost of acquisition and installation required systems.

Correctly organized design of supply networks will avoid many problems and 'surprises' during the operation of the facility.

The installation of modern support systems is regulated by special regulatory documents (GOSTs, etc.) and is coordinated with the relevant authorities.

Design process

Before starting the development of all the necessary communications, it is necessary to submit a list of necessary documents to the competent design organization:

  • a plan of the territory of the future construction site with the necessary marks about the places of installation of engineering systems;
  • results of topographic and geodetic examination, geological characteristics of the area;
  • technical characteristics and conditions for connecting the necessary supply networks;
  • block of drawings with the indicated equipment for connection to communication systems.

A technical assignment is drawn up, conversations are held with the customer, and the design of engineering communications begins on its basis.

Work results documentation

After the completion of the design of all the necessary systems, the project is, in fact, a set of drawings, according to the legally approved model, with an explanatory note, which consists of several sections: general data, diagrams of existing engineering systems, floor plans with marks of the location of communication networks and equipment, equipment inventory and materials used.

Such a block of documents is actually a manual for communication equipment and facilitates control over the implementation of work.

Competent design of support systems is designed to improve the quality and service life of communications, therefore, an important step will be to choose a design organization with an experienced staff of professionals and extensive experience in project development.