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SVYATOBUD LLC - Sviatobud Group of Companies, founded in 2001, has successfully implemented dozens of large projects. Some of them are: corrosion protection of the Podolsk bridge crossing, structures and facades of CJSC 'Lukor', reconstruction of plants of the association 'Industrial and Construction Group' Kovalska 'and shopping mall' Factory '.

Today, Sviatobud offers a full range of works for industrial and civil construction: from design to installation of building structures, facades and roofs and interior decoration. We work with legal entities and individuals, as well as budget organizations, investment companies.

Sviatobud Group of Companies cooperates with the leaders of the Ukrainian market of construction materials and is the official dealer in the Kherson region of TM Siltek, TM Avenue PBG 'Kovalska', as well as roofing materials TM TechnoNICOL and TM RUFLEX. And this is our advantage. Due to the fact that we provide a full range of services from design and supply of materials to the completion of construction - we guarantee speed, quality and adequate cost of work.

Sviatobud provides an individual approach to each client and affordable prices with high quality workmanship.

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20 years of successful work. More than 100 implemented projects. 100% responsibility for the quality of work

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'Construction is more than a profession, it is a vocation'

Our team of highly qualified and experienced builders combines industry knowledge, many years of experience, ingenuity and adaptability. For decades, we have remained true to our principles and cherished our reputation. Our main goal is the Customer, satisfied with the result of cooperation.

We are always ready to build any industrial facility, logistics center or agricultural complex, trade, medical, sports or educational institution; to carry out re-planning, reconstruction, technical re-equipment.

We will become your partner and a real member of the team you can count on!