Painting structures

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The most popular customer request is the painting of metal structures. If anti-corrosion treatment is not done in time, this will lead to complete or partial destruction of the structure. Where it was possible to do with a simple brushing, there will be sandblasting or hydro-sandblasting to white metal, and this is an additional expense of time and money.

Painting of metal structures

If we talk about antenna mast structures, then the reason for the destruction of the paintwork is a natural factor: humidity, sun and wind. In addition to moisture, truss structures of workshops are subject to chemical influences or strong thermal changes.

Painting and surface preparation in accordance with SNiP 2.03.11-85 will extend the life of the metal and save you from unnecessary costs for the restoration and repair of structures.

Metal structures have a number of advantages: less weight (when compared with reinforced concrete products); convenience and speed of construction; ease of installation and dismantling; simplicity and serial production; transportability; strength and durability; reliability in operation.

At the same time, the susceptibility of metal structures to corrosion necessitates their protection from aggressive environmental influences.

There is a great variety of metal structures used in construction. The most common metal structures include beams, columns, trusses, reinforcing meshes, frames, panels, profiles, stained-glass windows, gates, fences and other enclosing structures.