Construction of prefabricated buildings

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The technology of construction of prefabricated buildings can significantly reduce the cost of construction, while significantly reducing the delivery time of the object. Buildings of this type will last up to 120 years if the manufacturing steps are followed during construction.

The algorithm for the construction of prefabricated buildings includes:

  • preparatory stage;
  • engineering and survey work;
  • designing
  • manufacturing of structures;
  • construction of a building;
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Preparatory stage

At this stage:

  • the tasks and goals of the building being erected are determined;
  • an assessment of the required number of storeys and area is made.
  • Based on this, further development of the project, calculation of labor and material costs are carried out.

Engineering works

These works include:

  • assessment of the climate, wind and snow load of the region;
  • geodetic works;
  • determination of the type and capabilities of soil, soil, groundwater level.
  • These indicators affect the choice of the foundation, as well as the depth of its laying.


Building design provides for the formation of a standard package of documents, which includes:

  • specification
  • commercial proposal;
  • basic sketches;
  • contract
  • score
  • Manufacturing of structures
  • The production of parts for the prefabricated building is carried out directly at the enterprise. 

The standard kit contains:

  • enclosing, supporting structures;
  • running part;
  • shaped parts;
  • door

Erection of a building

The construction of a building begins with the foundation. For prefabricated houses, as a rule, a strip foundation is used. Further, the fully completed frames and sandwich panels are transported from the factory. They are provided with detailed instructions and are ready to connect.

The frame is assembled quickly without the use of heavy machinery. On the resulting structure, the installation of the roof and facade is done.

Traditionally, the construction of façade partitions includes:

  • inner lining;
  • heaters;
  • vapor barrier,
  • hydro-wind insulation;
  • outer skin.

After arranging the roof and facade, additional equipment is installed: automation systems and doors.


All stages of the construction of prefabricated buildings end with the commissioning of the object. A general project is provided to local authorities with the designation of all sections.

The submitted documents are checked for compliance, after which the right to commission the property is issued. After that, the ownership is formalized.