Reconstruction of the building

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Reconstruction - this is a complete or partial reconstruction of an object, including the possibility of improving the territory and building, installation of new equipment, changing the layout, improving the architectural expressiveness, etc. Simply put, reconstruction is a procedure that involves a change in the technical and economic characteristics of a structure.

Reconstruction of buildings в - design and implementation of work on the reconstruction of capital structures, administrative, residential and industrial buildings.

Reconstruction of structures, the company 'Svyatobud' will help you solve all the planned design and technical changes or complete a complete modernization of facilities.

In the construction sector, the reconstruction of buildings and structures occupies a special place. As a rule, this is due to the fact that the reconstructed building is already inscribed in the historically established development, which requires non-standard solutions and an individual approach.

Reconstruction of the building foundation 

The main task in the reconstruction of building foundations is to unload them, which makes it possible to reduce the pressure on each square meter of the base by increasing the bearing area. These tasks can be achieved by using various methods of bitumenization, cementation, silicatization, heat treatment, resinization, electrosilicization, crushed stone tamping, as well as the use of rammed piles.

Reconstruction of the facade and walls of the building

The need for overhaul of facades and walls of residential, office, retail, industrial and other types of buildings appears both due to a decrease in their bearing capacity, which occurs due to settlement, the appearance and cracks of erosion, and for aesthetic reasons.

Strengthening the walls of a building in the process of repair work can be carried out by adding iron elements and structures to the frame or by using new masonry, which is made along the entire surface of the old wall and connected to it with anchor bolts.

The emergence of modern materials and technologies makes it possible to quickly strengthen the facade masonry, as well as dismantle it or make a curtain facade. Reconstruction of the facade of a building may include strengthening the masonry, plastering, painting, increasing the size and number of windows in the building, and installing a hinged ventilated facade. If the entrance needs to be repaired and the entrance lobby is decorated, a temporary new entrance is created for the duration of construction work.

Reconstruction of the roof of the building

The roof plays an important role in protecting the structure from aggressive environmental influences. This is especially true for the rooms that are on the upper level. During the operation of the structure, the condition of the roof should be systematically assessed and, if problems arise, they should be promptly resolved.

Often, after each careful inspection of the roof, some damage is found that can be easily repaired. For example, to make patches on separate parts of the soft roof, to change the worn out sections of pipes and gutters, etc. In the case when the metal roof is damaged by corrosion, it is processed and re-painted.

But at some point the moment comes when the wear of the roof becomes critical and cosmetic work no longer solves the existing problems, then there is a need for its total replacement. Roof reconstruction can be carried out at the final stage of building renovation or as a separate task.

The construction and installation department of the Svyatobud company is staffed with qualified personnel capable of performing works of a high level of complexity:

general construction, including:

  • assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete and metal structures;
  • assembly of formwork and concreting of monolithic structures of any size and configuration;
  • roofing works using welded roll materials, corrugated board, metal and ceramic tiles;
  • device of concrete floors;
  • masonry of walls made of bricks or building blocks and other works;

finishing, including:

  • plastering, painting and wallpapering;
  • facing
  • glassworks;
  • joiner's
  • for the assembly of partitions based on drywall and a frame made of bent profiles;
  • installation of suspended ceilings, etc .;

plumbing, including:

  • assembly and installation of piping systems for cold water supply, hot water supply and sewerage;
  • installation of all types of plumbing equipment.
  • The range of services provided by our company allows for the reconstruction of buildings and structures for industrial purposes, while performing work of any level of complexity.