Private house construction

We will go through all the stages of construction with you, from design to protection of structures

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Nowadays, more and more people want to build their own homes, but do not know where to start building a house. The answer to this question is not simple, because you need to simultaneously take into account many factors that affect the final result.

Let's look at what initial parameters you need to build on and what to consider in order not to make mistakes and avoid unnecessary costs. So where to start construction on an empty site and what stages do you have to go through before the foundation is laid?

Construction stages:

  1. Preparatory stage of construction

At this stage, a number of important issues need to be resolved: decide on a place for construction, calculate a budget, choose a house project, obtain a building permit and choose a contractor. All questions are important in importance, each will have to be given enough attention, because without solving them, it is impossible to move on to the next stage.

  • Buying a plot

When choosing and buying land for a new home, you need to pay attention to both legal and practical nuances. It is impossible to decide on the technology for building a house without a detailed examination of the site on which the work will be carried out, and ideally, everything starts with finding land for construction.

  • What to build a house from

The choice of material for construction is a topic for a separate conversation. Any material, be it brick, wood, sandwich panels, foam or aerated concrete, has its own individual properties and qualities. They can be both positive and negative, the main thing is to know and understand. Also, when choosing a material, you need to take into account local conditions (climate, relief.

  • Construction costs

I would like to separately draw attention to the desire to save money when building a house, in many moments this is a wrong path, which most often leads to an increase in costs in the future. A good way to optimize costs is to draw up a detailed estimate for the stages of construction, which our foreman will help you draw up. This will allow you to plan the expenditure side and clearly understand the budget that you should count on.

2. Preparation of the project and its binding to the area

When choosing a project, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • Do you need a second floor? The cost of foundation and roofing work for a two-story house is less, moreover, you can increase the area for a flower garden or gazebo.
  • Roof shape.
  • The number of rooms and their area (depends on how many permanent residents and how often guests are planned to be received).
  • Perhaps the construction of a house with a bath is envisaged
  • The height of the premises (for residential floors - from 3 m).
  • The size of the living room, kitchen, utility rooms.
  • Number of bathrooms.
  • Additional premises: sauna, dressing rooms, garage.
  • Interior decoration (a design project is being prepared).
  • Additional amenities (washbasin in the garage).

Building permit

Before starting construction work

The need for landscape design

The purpose of landscape planning is to transform the site into a territory that is as comfortable as possible for the family. The arrangement, carried out by specialists, will allow solving several problems:

  1. Choose a place for your home, utility rooms, recreation area, garden and vegetable garden. This takes into account: illumination, soil composition, the shape of the site and the occurrence of groundwater.
  2. Determine a place for laying engineering communications; if necessary, a place for a septic tank is designed.
  3. Play with difficult terrain and possibly change it.
  4. Provide for soil drainage.
  5. Choose the style of the site and create a unique design.

Purchase of materials

The composition and the required amount of materials are specified in the estimate. When choosing, building and finishing materials with a manufacturer's certificate (quality guarantee) are preferable.

How to choose a contractor

Many site owners prefer to rely on the recommendations of good friends and acquaintances who are personally involved with construction. This strategy can be expanded and strengthened with additional actions:

  • Exploring options. Conscientious construction companies willingly provide their qualification certificates, recommendations and portfolio of completed works.
  • Conclusion of a contract. It prescribes a list of works, deadlines for their completion, payment and additional conditions at the request of the developer (a fine in case of non-fulfillment of conditions, cleaning the territory from construction waste).
  • Materials. Their quality must be monitored, for which it is better to involve an independent technical supervision or at least check that the purchased materials comply with GOSTs.
  • The work of the technical supervision service. Service specialists can monitor the implementation of building codes, which will help reduce costs. In addition, the technical supervision can additionally check the contract, the estimate and the company itself even before the start of construction.

3. Building a house

  1. Earthworks, foundation
  2. Earthworks, foundation
  3. Facade finishing and primary interior works
  4. Conclusion - final arrangement


The beginning of the construction of a house, or where to start the construction of your own home is a rather complicated issue that requires interaction with many services and government agencies. That is why it is strongly recommended not to save on preparatory work, but to seek help from specialized companies. Such organizations will help in the shortest possible time to make all the technical and design documentation, and will also provide the necessary assistance in the process of building your future home.